The female senior at a high school prom who was voted for by her fellow classmates. While every female has a chance of winning, the Prom Queen is usually the prettiest and most social among the others. (See: Queen Bee).
Not Another Teen Movie was complete BS; Priscilla was suppose to be the Prom Queen.
by Jon Ace March 17, 2007
When you either fart or defecate and the smell is so extreme that it makes people sick and you are so proud of your accomplishment that you are as proud as fucking the queen of the prom in high school.
I just violated the bathroom with that Prom Queen.
by Chad-m-wetli May 23, 2021
1. A girl who makes the wrong, sketch decisions and regrets it in the end.

2. A cute girl who makes bad choices at a young age (sometimes to impress boys) who ultimately is remorseful of those decisions as she grows up.
"That girl Miranda smokes and drinks everyday after school with all the skaters and her boyfriend is a senior. What a Prom Queen, she's going to regret those choices when she grows up."
by andrewandmark December 20, 2009
Term used when Snowboarding when the boarder and the snow collide at high velocity, as Wipeout is to a Surfer and Bail is to a Skateboarder.
"Awwwwwww shit, that mother Prom Queened real bad, that gonna hurt!"
by Jack Nicholson June 8, 2004
A white girl who competes in a black beauty pagent and ends up being the cutest one there.
Gina is going to be the prom queen of Dillard High School
by Christy T. May 12, 2005
THE prom queen is the (snow)boarder who prom queens above all others the most, or most, spectacularly.
We've all had a few prom queens, but Jeff you are without a doubt the prom queen.
by Rak-takahh June 8, 2004
1. What one says when one kills the prom queen

2. Awesome australian metal band, interesting way of screaming, sounds a bit like a low growl.
1. *stab stab* AHAHAHAHAHA I killed the prom queen

2. IKTPQ rules!