Someone who realizes that peace is an impossible feat and also realizes that anyone who is anti-war is too much of an idealist for their own good.
That Pro-War guy fuckin' kicked the hippy's ass for calling him a babykiller. Man he fuckin' deserved it.
by FuckPeace February 22, 2005
1. Someone who can not locate Iraq on a map
2. Someone who has no concept that people outside of their own comfort zone of friends actually DO exist
3. Someone who then chooses to believe that if these people did exist their lives are of little meaining when compared with their own.

The asshole with no brain could not consider anyone on an equal level with himself because it made him feel as if his penis was somehow shrinking
by smallen dog June 20, 2003
noun. One who supports war in all ways. One who is a genocidal maniac. One who wants war, to commit genocide; mostly because of extreme hatred. Possibly one who may be affiliated with Adolf Hitler or any other genocidal maniacs in any way. Someone with an organized plan, to commit genocide upon one's race or ethnicity; racism. For example:
After Adolf Hitler became dictator of Germany, he unjusly blamed the Jews, for the problems in Germany, so he encouraged the nazi party to relocate the Jews to concentration camps, to be exterminated; making him a pro-war genocidiac. Also, not much, but the Soviet Union, eh?
by ALEXtheEMO December 23, 2009
After seeing such well made movies as VALLEY OF ELAH, and WAR WITH OUT END I was kind of searching for pro Iraq war documentary's
seems to me that the Republicans could get Halliburton to fund something..
With the hours or compelling movies on the current war i kind of would like to see a pro Iraq war documentary....i guess the current administration didn't anticipate how sending the bulk of the movie going public to war might create bad press..and of course military families are so disregarded that they might not have extra money for that kind of stuff..
by DaynaS March 24, 2008