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A private school is a type of school that people seem to think is only inhabited by rich, white, preppy, blonde, snobby boys and girls.

Well, it's not.

-There are children that go to private schools that get there from working for it and getting scholarships.
-There are children that go to private schools that have creative talents such as acting, painting, writing, etc.
-There are children in private schools that have gone through the exact same life experiences as children in public school.
-There are children in private schools that don't think they're better then everything, and in fact they think the complete opposite.
-There are children in private schools that have intense family problems.
-There are children in private schools that know how to speak intelligently without saying the word 'like' in between every other word.
-There are children in private schools who still have there natural hair color.
-There are children in private schools that don't enough money to buy high-end clothing because their parents spend all the extra money, that isn't for necessary things like food, on the school's tuition.
-There are children in private schools that are Black, Asian, White, Hispanic, Native-American, Indian, and any other race/ethnicity you can think of.
-There are children in private schools that know who there are and don't need to look like everyone else to feel good about themselves.
Private schools are really not very different from public schools.

I'm not saying that there aren't preppy, bitchy girls or self-centered guys at private schools but it's the same at public schools. Don't base an opinion about any private school from what you see in the movies or from one or two snobby and cocky girls/boys that you have met.
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A school which children attend by either paying fees or through scholarships. Despite what many people think, many people of many different cultures and races attend these schools, and contrary to most peoples beliefs are not stuck up, fake, snobbish and self centred. In fact, many people are fairly poor because they choose to give their child a private education, because they believe education is the most important thing. Many people have images in their head which are extremely stereotypical, and are only true in very rare cases. These people do not know what they are talking about and if they took the time to look around a private school, their views would change.
Mum can we rent a DVD tonight? No sorry dear, we cant afford it because all the money is going towards your private school fees.
by Will 92 April 11, 2007
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A form of education that, rather then provided by the federal government, is privately directed and must be paid for. Although the majority of the kids that go to these schools are white and relatively well off there is a large group of private school students who sacrific many luxeries to have a private education. Contrary to popular beleif, most of the kids who go to these schools are hardworking, inteligent, thoughtful, kind, and caring kids. All the schools are not all mono-sex, in fact most of them are not. They are not only for the rich and preppy. These schools are for kids that would like to have an education molded for them personally by a small group of inteligent people, rather then the government of The United States. So, please, rather then jump to conclusions about the kids and the schools actually find out about the places and we private school kids will do the same for public school.
Public school kid: O, private school are filled with preps and rich kids kids who never have to work for anything.

Private school kid: Public school is for people from the ghetto. None of them can complete a full sentence.

Me: Cant we all just... get along?
by Advocateboy August 31, 2007
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I agree.

Kids who attend private schools are NOT stuck-up rich white kids.

We are almost just like kids in public school.

There are many different ethnicities in each and every school that I know of, including mine.

Sure, there may not be a large number of kids in each class, but that is important to getting a good education.

You may think that kids in private school are extremely rich, and able to get whatever they ask.

Well, you're wrong.

Sure, some are rich and spoiled, but there are kids like that everywhere. Many students earn a scholarship and are enrolled because of their hard work. Some scholarships, even, are for students who wish to enroll but do not have all the money that they need. The scholarship then helps to pay for the student's tuition as long as they work hard and make decent grades. This, in fact is what your's truely is doing.

However, many kids who are enrolled in private school are not rich at all. Some are just bearly in. Their parents are getting money from every source they can, to the point where they are just bearly getting by at home. About 1/3 of the people I know in Private School are like this.

And you must be asking why these parents are spending so much money on their child to go private instead of public that can be used to help the family.

They care about their child's education.

Think about it, when you become a parent, and it is time to send your kid to school. Wouldn't you want them to have a good education for their future?

Now I'm not saying that kids in public schools aren't educated. I know lots of smart people in public schools. Most of our country's children are in public school. So therefore, many of our country's great people were probably in public school.

But most every parent is worried about the safety of their child.

Now I cannot tell you from experience, but I have talked to friends in public school, and I've heard the news. From that, I learned that many, many bad things happen in public schools. Kids with guns and knives threatening others. Pregnant girls everywhere you turn. (Not saying there aren't pregnant girls in public schools, because there are. Just not often.)

Wouldn't you think parents wouldn't want their children exposed to that?

So therefore, the parents who have the money send their children to private schools.


Onto what goes on inside the schools.

Just like in private schools, there are cliques.

There are nasty rumors.

There are drugs.

There is alchohol.

There are sluts.

There are geeks.

There are the "cool kids"






Sure, there are the snobby, stuck up, white rich kids.

Not many people like them.

Sure, there are girls who roll up there skirts so high you can see their ass when they bend over.

Not many people like them.

Sure, there are rich kids.

But many of them are EMBARRASSED to be so rich.

They think that people will instantly judge them as being snobby.


ready for this?

There are MANY athiests in a Christian school.

So get over it.

We are who we are.

Don't judge us.
Kids in private schools aren't much different than kids in public schools.
by raverbunnybitch October 24, 2006
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id just like to say that private schools arent for the snobby, rich fucked up retards that seems to be the image that some people portray. most private school kids get to that school by working extremely hard. they go through the same experiences as other kids. they get bullied, they get into fights, and they get into trouble. lots of the families give up luxuries like holidays in order to pay for the school fees. I admit there are some private school kids who are complete nerds and rejects who spend every waking minute of their free time reading or doing homework, but they make up a very small minority of the school. i myself whent to a state primary school and a private secondairy school and i can say there is very little difference. i have friends from state and private schools and they are all perfectly normal. so all those sterio types who go on about private kids having every thing set up for them and dont have to work a they in their life you are wrong close minded bad people who should try a little empathy in their lives.
hey there's my mate from the private school down the road.
by Jack : ) June 16, 2007
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Those who think private school kids are all rich, snobby, white kids with everything handed to them on a platter are wrong. My school is more diverse than the public school that i would go to. There are always exceptions, but I actually have to WORK to be there. My family has sacrificed a lot so that I could go to my a school.The big difference between my school and the public school is that it has a good art program.
Public kid: "Ugh! she goes to a private school she must be extremely rich and snobby"
Private kid's friend: "Umm...actually... she is less stuck up than you are, and has less money too.She works on weekends to help pay for her school's fees."
by yt16 June 03, 2008
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