A private school is a type of school that people seem to think is only inhabited by rich, white, preppy, blonde, snobby boys and girls.

Well, it's not.

-There are children that go to private schools that get there from working for it and getting scholarships.
-There are children that go to private schools that have creative talents such as acting, painting, writing, etc.
-There are children in private schools that have gone through the exact same life experiences as children in public school.
-There are children in private schools that don't think they're better then everything, and in fact they think the complete opposite.
-There are children in private schools that have intense family problems.
-There are children in private schools that know how to speak intelligently without saying the word 'like' in between every other word.
-There are children in private schools who still have there natural hair color.
-There are children in private schools that don't enough money to buy high-end clothing because their parents spend all the extra money, that isn't for necessary things like food, on the school's tuition.
-There are children in private schools that are Black, Asian, White, Hispanic, Native-American, Indian, and any other race/ethnicity you can think of.
-There are children in private schools that know who there are and don't need to look like everyone else to feel good about themselves.
Private schools are really not very different from public schools.

I'm not saying that there aren't preppy, bitchy girls or self-centered guys at private schools but it's the same at public schools. Don't base an opinion about any private school from what you see in the movies or from one or two snobby and cocky girls/boys that you have met.
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A school which children attend by either paying fees or through scholarships. Despite what many people think, many people of many different cultures and races attend these schools, and contrary to most peoples beliefs are not stuck up, fake, snobbish and self centred. In fact, many people are fairly poor because they choose to give their child a private education, because they believe education is the most important thing. Many people have images in their head which are extremely stereotypical, and are only true in very rare cases. These people do not know what they are talking about and if they took the time to look around a private school, their views would change.
Mum can we rent a DVD tonight? No sorry dear, we cant afford it because all the money is going towards your private school fees.
by Will 92 April 11, 2007
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Private School - Still has the same flaws as public ones, but is smaller.
by Walking Catfish September 25, 2016
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A place to escape from the evil government conspiracy to brainwash public school students into being emotional wrecks, dependent on the Man and ready to waste their life in a factory or cubicle.
Praise Jesus! My family has enough money (barely) to send me to private school and save me from the Man!
by your Lord and Savior August 27, 2007
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A highly successful business that guarantees parents their child will have a 1% advantage to get into a top college then public school students.
Teacher "Here at St. Luther our main goal is education"

Parent "Cut the bull I paid this Private School 10,000$ last year is my boy going to get into Harvard?"

by bob656 May 18, 2007
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A private school is a school which you have to pay fees or have a scholarship or bursary to get into. Most seem to assume that everyone who goes to a private school is rich, white, sheltered and preppy. This is incorrect; I speak as a private school girl of four years who came from three state schools before when I say that only about 1% of my school matches this description.
Only about ten percent of people at the average private school in London are white.
Only a few people are excessively rich as well. For example some families work like hell so their child can go to a private school on a bursary or scholarship, which is even after fees are cut. This is mostly not because of a prejudice against state schooling, but because the parents believe their child would flourish in that particular school. The few who are rich at private schools generally aren't snobby like shown on TV.
Being at private school also doesn't mean that you are sheltered from the real world. We know what drugs are, we know what poverty is and we also have kids with their own problems. I know a girl who works for three hours a day and seven on weekends so she can support her family and pay school fees after her 70% scholarship.
Overall, private school stereotypes are merely a stupid generalisation for normal kids who just have wear a uniform and pay fees.
So don't call it a place where parents send their kids because they are rich, racist or snobby, because it is untrue.
Mum: honey, we'll be working some extra shifts for the next week
Child: you don't have to do this for me to go to a private school
Mum: well its worth it if you can continue to achieve things and persue your passions.

Person a: does she go to our school?
Person b:no
Person a: ugh does she go to private school, she must be a total snob.
Person b: grow up.
by I don't come with a remote. August 5, 2017
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A school, for kid's with good parents who dont want their kids to grow up living on the streets in new york city. we dont go there only because we can afford it. we just dont wanna have to deal with drama, and other public school useless stuff. we arent mean to eachother, and we arent all white. so shut up if you say anything else about it
Public school kid: ewh you catholic school rich bitch!
Private school kid: shut up, we just have better parents then you!
by Renee June 14, 2006
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