Ok look. I went from a public to private school. There are so many reasons why its better... I am getting a much better education that I ever did at public school, and its smaller. We have every class every day. I learn a lot more. And all of you guys can say whatever you want, but there is not ONE KID at my school who is as stuck up as anyone I have ever met at my public school... They're nicer... Honestly. We'll do better in the long run :P
Public school kid- "WTF like why does she go to like to private school?!?!?!?omg NERD.."
Private school kids friend- "Wow you need a life...for one she can go without saying 'like' for one sentence..."
by me and ma awesome life February 09, 2012
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A school in which the parents pay lots of money so their "little darling" can have the very very best.

This environment manufactures many things, such as, snobbery towards people who are not as economically prosperous enough to go to private school, or feel that they can get an OK education at a state school. Empiricism, shelter, pansyness, and most importantly, a severe lack of life experience, and a belief that the world really is this pretty coddling environment in which people will pick them up, dust them off, and whisper words of encouragement and love in their ears until they feel big enough to carry on.

The delusion is so complete, that most private school girls and boys have no idea that they are deluded, and are conditioned to think that the extremely easy lifestyle they lead is really tough. They say things like, "I'm not rich! We're poor from paying for tution." Not realizing that "poor" is where you cannot eat. And "poor" in the developed countries in which they live, is being in commission housing on the dole. However, this is rarely problematic, as most of them are financially taken care of, and able to continue to lead this easy lifestyle in which they are accustomed outside of school. However, it is occasionally problematic when said child's parents realize their mistake in raising the child accustomed to unconditional goodness, and decide to let it flounder. In which case, it fails miserably.
I go to a private school. I cannot believe the arrogance of the wealthy.

I've seen and been through things these private school kids couldn't even imagine, and they have the nerve to act as if they know more about life than I do.
by stonahsarah April 06, 2009
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Schools that usually provide better education for it's students than most public schools. Admission requires money or scholarships or both; some schools require entrance examinations. Their curriculum is not mandated by the state.

rich white people like it because it's it's full of other rich white people and no minorities to scare them.
by mAGIK bUS April 17, 2005
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In the UK, a private school is a school for which the pupils must pay to attend. They are usually home to snobby, stuck up kids with a supiriority complex, even though tuition in such establishments is not much better than in the free alternative.
Very prestigous private schools are known as public schools.
The Art's Educational Secondary School in london is a private school, and Eton is a public school.

A pupil at a private school is known as a private schoolboy/girl, and a at a public school is known as a public schoolboy/girl.

A free school in the UK is known as a state school.
by Blasds July 27, 2006
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private school is not a place for rich white snobs, although some private schools are filled with those, most of them are not. Actually, I go to a private high school and there are 300 kids in my class. about 75 are hispanic, 150 are white, 25 are asian and the rest are mixed. its not for preppy snobs either, i live in a one story house, not in the suburbs with a normal family and parents who work full time and many days aren't home for dinner because they are working their asses off to pay for my tuition. none of my friends at school have a mansion, okay maybe a couple have two story houses but most of them are average to small size one story houses. no, my parents dont hand me money, i have to work my ass off to get money, by mowing the lawn and shit. okay and for all of you saying private school kids dont go through the same experiences are misinformed. there are alot of disfunctional families at private schools and i know quite a few drug addicts (meth, coke, heroin, you name it). theres really not much difference between private and public except that the private school people pay for their education.

oh and alot of people smoke weed :)
were not completely sheltered from the outside world , ok?
(oh and btw i have a lot of public school friends and they are the same as my private school friends, theres really no difference)
public school kid: haha stupid spoiled brat, you go to private school!
private school kid: *lights up a joint* whatev, think what you want, but your just being a narrow-minded cunt.
public school kid: oh.
by mr. pharmy July 29, 2008
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An institution that is usually meant to be mono-sex (or boys only/ girls only) and is rarely Coed. Most are established on the Main Line (Pennsylvania, New York up to New England) or on the west coast (California only). Private Schools or Prep Schools are establishments started in the 1910s and have a "college" setting. Sometimes students board there and sometimes the school is run like a public school. The attendants come from families with a bit (quite a bit) more money then other families, except in the case of the occasional well-spoken scholarship boy. Instead of being forced to believe in unified ideas and socialist ideas (brought up by friends of mine who go to public school) they are 'encouraged' or 'forced' to come up with their own ideas about how the world should work. In this way the school will produce leaders, CEO's, and Wall Street stock analysts that will make between $450,000-$2,500,000 per year or highly paid surgeons and consultants that make $250-$700 an hour.
The kids attend Ivy League schools and in this way the private or prep school can claim success that they can advertise to the wealthy folk, who probably attended private/prep schools themselves. The children who attend these institutions are not always stuck up (in fact at my school VERY few are).


-Small classes (between 10-25 kids divided into 2 homerooms)
-"New" educational ideas that promote self-acting
-Prestige when applying for colleges and jobs
-AP courses that allow up to 2 years worth of college
courses to be accumulated in senior year
-Less violence


-Not usually Coed
-Separation from the unwashed masses that the kids will have
to deal with when they have big powerful administrative
Dean: "So I'd like to start this application for our college
with an interview, so please tell me about yourself."

The Private School / Prep School Student's Response:

"Well I attended a Prep School from 6th-12th grade, scoring a 3.50+ GPA each year, and a 2360 on the SAT."

Dean: "Alright then, lets get these forms filled out..."
by Iron Panda August 14, 2007
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Okay, lets get this straight. this is a noun being used as an adjective. I'll try getting the adjective straight.

If you give a public school uniforms, then that's what private school is like, but in lesser numbers of students. the only difference is maybe a hundred/thousand dollars. A number of kids who are in a private school usually take the chance to go to a public school once they get the chance.

If you give them a few nuns/priests/brothers/teachers who actually give a damn/anything-of-the-like, then you have a catholic school.

For those who think that private school kids get the better jobs, take a good look at the most famous people today. One hell of a majority of them come from public schools. dammit, maybe even some of those people you see stuck on the street are from private schools.

By money, not everyone can afford private school, obviously. Some of the people in those private schools can barely afford the right things themselves. To put things into perspective, most of the laws passed to make schools better have always been pretty much 99.9% for public schools. If someone believes that private school has an immunity to black people or something like that, it depends on the school. last year, i went to a big catholic school, and there were probably four black people in our whole grade of 73 kids. Now i'm in one of the poorest(but most tight knit; which is good)private high schools in the area, and there's not a class i have without them(i'm proud of that.)

As high-end as you think we are, with an immunity to decently positive emotion, there's not much that a private schooler can hide from.

It's usually the really rich ones who end up having more problems later in life, protected from certain dangers, but in the end may have to face them. The more they avoid danger, the less they learn. without the common mistakes made in daily life, people can't really live and are gonna lack in experience. The people who you define as private schoolers are the people who can only understand the small little world that they had lived in(unless they pushed to understand more.)

The people of the stereotypical sort who believe that the pains and blisses that they have are only limited to them or others should understand that barely anything in this world holds a barrier on who a person or people are.
Recognize this. People really can't define themselves as private school or public school kids. It's like saying you live a normal average life.

There is no normal, there is no such thing as average.

there is no such thing as a boundary. What you see around you that says that the limit is there is an attempt to define and understand the world around you. that point might not even be correct.
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