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The worst fucking thing to happen when you're already having a bad day. When pages and games stop loading well. It's our router's way of saying "fuck you".
Slow internet connection intensifies
by Walking Catfish October 17, 2016
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where you'll work in the future.
hi, I work at McDonalds.
by Walking Catfish September 26, 2016
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A word once for things that were uncivilized, but now what is used for the modern generation of sluts and trendhoppers to call themselves, thinking it means badass and awesome. They're basically calling themselves primitive people.
moron: im super savage i did this thingy now i savage! XDXD
intelligent person: look it up on a dictionary.
moron: *kills intelligent person* I SUPER SAVAGE NOW XD
by Walking Catfish March 21, 2017
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An evil place. The place we all go to as a punishment for becoming 4-6 years old.
A place where you must get beaten up then tattle on the person bullying you afterwards...
a place where you do so much work without a break...
a place where all of the teachers expect respect from you, no matter how badly they treat you.
A hellhole said to be about learning and education by parents and commercials...but to us...a place of stress...boredom...pressure.
And that isn't all. When we get home, we must bring the hell of it too.
Not to mention the fact that they lie to you that you would need it in life. Bitch please...
Person1: I'm going to school.
Person2: Don't go to school...
Person1: Why not? It's super educational.
Person2: *kicks person1 in the balls so hard, his great great grandkids can feel it.*
by Walking Catfish September 22, 2016
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Private School - Still has the same flaws as public ones, but is smaller.
by Walking Catfish September 25, 2016
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1. A way to express pain.

2. A meme that populated around late-2016 after a youtube channed named "Whimee" made "Oof" remixes of different music. The meme originated from the Roblox death sound, called "uuhhh.wav", and became widespread throughout 2017.
1. "Oof!" came from the kid after they bumped into the wall.

2. I personally find the "Oof" meme pretty annoying now.
by Walking Catfish July 1, 2018
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