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A city in Scott County, MN just south of the cities. It is possibly the whitest town in the southern suburbs where the kids have too much money to know what to do with themselves. They either do drugs or sit on a boat, or sit on a boat and do drugs. There's been about a handful of multicultural kids, but few stay longer than a year.
a group of white kids in a city named Prior Lake
by Somebody3 February 01, 2009
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A city in Minnesota, part of Scott County, usually well known for being a city of celebration, however, Prior Lake is sometimes recognized for having a slightly bad school system, and concernable minors. Some minors are rumored to be players or whores, even though that it is thought that Prior Lake has the lowest crime rate within the South Metro.

Bullying is an often problem inside the schools, yet, some reports have been ignored.
Did you hear? The city council of Prior Lake is trying to fight off the Zebra Mussels inside it's lake.
by AnonymousVesperia October 25, 2011
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Possibly the best town ever located in Scott county MN. The kids there have a ton of money and sit around doing drugs on a boat. Prior lake kids have great personalities and know how to party hard. It may be full of hoes and players but once you get there it'll draw you in.
Dude prior lake is amazing! i can't wait to go back!
by Some_random_kid. July 22, 2010
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Prior Lake is where the awesome kids live .. and the cute ones. were all about the lakers were way better then shakopee, lakeville and farmington duh have u seen us? were amazing. expecially r grade (:
Person 1: I had such a fun time last night...

Person 2: Oh where were u?
Person 1: Prior Lake.. duh the most amazing place have u seen the girls?

Person 2: Yeeahh.. best ever
by cutekids November 15, 2010
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A small hick town in MN, whose slutty women and hipster guys are typically used as the butt end of any joke dealing with sluts, gays, whores, fugly or stupid people.
Guy 1-Dude did you see what that slut was wearing?

Guy 2- hell yea man, she was just asking to get nailed

Guy 1-Yea, I hear she is from Prior Lake

Guy 2-Can't deny that. She HAS to be
by ShAkToWnSlAyA February 20, 2011
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