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Prior Lake, is a semi large town in the southern part of mn, with a very lengthy and tedious record of being home to racists, homophobes, hicks, and a shit ton more.
Nevertheless the schooling is an entirely different conversation with the BIPOC students constantly being at risk of a racial attack, being that the Prior Lake High School has been under fire for a bunch of shit now its pretty obvious that it isn't the best.
Although it does have a few good things one of them being the BIPOC population and the community that has.
Person 1: Hey where do you go?
Person 2: *sigh*... Prior Lake...
Person 1: Damn... ain't y'all just racist.
Person 2: *begins to cry* ...yeah...
Person 1: Ha loser imagine.
*Principal goes on loud speaker* ... *awkwardly long pause* Lakers we can do better
by dumpsterf!re April 9, 2022
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Someone you just can't stop thinking about, that happens to use they/them
Person 1: What's on your mind
Person 2: Them..
Person 1: mhmmm
by dumpsterf!re April 9, 2022
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