Anakin: Padméééééééé! Noooooooo...
Luke: Daddyyyyy, why are you so mean??

Sidious: *sigh* I should've taken Princess Leia as my apprentice...
by DarthRevan999 August 18, 2011
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Kick-ass character in Star Wars, who talked like a guy but had a brother, Luke Skywalker who talked like a girl.
by JediMasterRebekah June 17, 2005
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A girl who gives wet kisses to her brother for luck.
Angelina Jolie was going all Princess Leia on her brother at the Oscars.
by Martin Writer April 29, 2007
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a girl that just lies on her back while you make sweet hard lovin' to her, usually a virgin, or just a girl who's bad in the sack.
"...hey man how did it go last night with that girl?"
"..ahhhh man she was a princess leia!"
by Aaron Thomas August 13, 2007
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An all-day drinking binge; an "all dayer"
I'll probably have a couple of princess leias on my holiday (Delany, 2005)
by Daniel Pearson July 21, 2005
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When 2 guys smash their ass cheeks on both sides of a girls face and shit themselves, giving the woman the appearance of Star Wars heroine Princess Leia.
Paul: “These new Star Wars movies really suck”
David: “You’re telling me! It makes me wanna Princess Leia the corpse of Carrie Fisher!”
by olive nyahhh November 15, 2019
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When you tie each of your balls in a scrunchie (elastic bands are also acceptable), and then rest your scrotum on someone's head in a manner that makes the person look like Princess Leia Organa.
Things got so wild last night that Chad gave Daniel a scrotal Princess Leia.

My balls are so stretched and aching from giving Wesley that scrotal Pricess Leia
by Jam-Fingers May 3, 2023
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