A play on the phrase all nighter; used to describe the almost impossible feat of staying up all day without napping.
dude #1: Hey bro wanna take a disco nap?

dude #2: Naw dude, I need to get some stuff done. I'm going to have to pull an all dayer.
by erieee May 22, 2010
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instead of an all nighter, where as most people fall asleep as soon as morning comes around, an all dayer extends it another 24 hours. This makes it a 48 hour awake period.
Nah man I'm not going to sleep; I gotta pull an all dayer.
by Rico Beast November 2, 2008
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Staying awake all day to try and reset your body clock.

Normally follows after a sequence of going to sleep at increasingly later times, until your going to sleep around dinner. The only cure is to hack it through the day and go to sleep at a sensible time.
Need to go to sleep at a sensible time, gonna do an all dayer.
by jake29 May 9, 2011
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A marathon drinking session which starts around lunch-time and carries on until dawn. Typically involves barbecues and beer gardens in Summer and warm pubs and Christmas jumpers in winter.
All dayer down the pub, stumble into town and see what happens
by LashCommander April 13, 2011
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The feeling one gets after pulling an all-nighter. You start to feel so tired that you aren't even tired anymore. You eventually start to feel like you are in a dream. Sometimes when under the influence of an all-dayer people might start talking to complete strangers and be completely unaware of what is going on around them. You might also feel a strange sense of happiness and confidence.
All-dayers can be fun and scary at the same time.
by teboe17 June 7, 2013
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After an all-nighter, you have a new challenge: an all-dayer. It's when you stay up all day after staying up all night. Harder than it sounds.
"Hey man, I'm so FUCKING tired. Just pulled an


"Woah, seriously!? That deserves something."

"I would like that "something" to come in the form of either a bed or a caffeinated beverage."
by Spurts N. Squirts March 31, 2010
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V. The opposite of an all-nighter. An all-dayer occurs when a person has odd sleeping patterns. These habits result in a person going to bed anytime during the day. An all-dayer is the act of staying awake during the day instead of going to sleep. This act is usually performed in order to maintain a regular sleep schedule.
Mike: I'm going to sleep.

Jacob: Dude, WTF it's two in the afternoon.

Mike: I know. It's just that after that all-nighter I pulled for the calculus exam my sleep schedule has been off.

Jacob: Well, i've got tickets to the basketball game at five, and I thought you were going to go with me.

Mike: Oh snap, I totally forgot about that. I'll just pull an all-dayer so that I can go to the game.
by WundyBear December 27, 2010
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