Delany, she is a one of a kind person someone that make you feel wanted and loved. When you get to hold her hand it makes you feel like you’re walking the red carpet. When you hug her you just don’t wanna let go. And she is a person that you’ll love forever. It is really hard not to fall for her, though she will be shorter than you, it is a cute short and you smile every time you see her. Life is hard but she makes it easy for you, makes you feel like your the only one in the room
by FromE March 8, 2020
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Delany can be wired and awkward when u meet her but when u start to get along very well she will make u the happiest girl/boy in the world even tho u have a rough time
by Victer6753 April 2, 2018
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A wonderful, smart, beautiful, sexy, funny, and all around awesome who lives in a big city, loves all of her friends, and always has a guy wrapped around her finger
by posa bella September 20, 2009
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A Delany, To waffle and blagg, to talk rubbish continuously until the other person gives up, usually hiding a lack of knowledge with pure jibber jabber.
A: "why are you late?"
B:"well I was walking then driving, then I met this person who said hello and she was walking next to guy who had a dog, the dog looked at me, have you got a dog?"
A"Stop being such a delany and just answer the question!!"
by theslowtruth January 27, 2014
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a cool, chill, amazing girl that everyone loves. they are known for originality and uniqueness with their decisions. always the trend setters, never the followers.
Person 1: Woah, look at Delanie!
Person 2: I want to hang out with her!
Person 1: Me too!
by BeachFreak120 July 2, 2011
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A girl who is so amazing she is desired by any and every guy everywhere. Stands out for her long dark hair and normally has gorgeous deep blue eyes. This, along with her smarts, personality, looks, and overall hotness, cause every guy to want to have her. However, Delanies normally are saving themselves for marriage because they have higher morals, which causes much hatin' on the part of the guys and the other gals (who are mad the guys are paying so much attention to the Delanies).
Dude 1: Hey, look at that gorgeous chick over there!
Dude 2: Holy cow! She is a total Delanie!

Pervert 1: Dude! Peep that babe over there! I wanna spend some quality time with her (evil perverted chuckle).
Pervert 2: Nah, don't even try. She is a real Delanie.
by StraightTruth February 14, 2011
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Delani means sweeter than American Honey... She is sweet and loves animals - especially monkeys! She loves God and her family and her friends. She is a bundle of energy and intelligence. Lovely and funny, she's as cuddly as a fluffy kitty and cozy as log cabin in the woods. She doesn't know how to be just a friend... she's your best friend! love, love, love her.
Delani never leave me! I'll never forget you!
by wittykk February 3, 2010
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