Priming is a school or summer camp prank. It consists of numerous individuals in voice-changer Optimus prime toy helmets(hence the name), (balaclavas and ski masks are used when there are not enough helmets available) and boxers entering a cabin in the middle of the night, turning the lights on, spraying the inhabitants and cranking the cabin heat to the maximum while reciting lines from Transformers, the Michael Bay movie. This is usually a filmed event.
Hey man, have you heard? Our neighbours went priming at 3am last night, and now everyone is soaked wet.
by teh Russian man October 1, 2011
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Beginning the pushing process of pooping before you enter the bathroom to ensure that no time is wasted on the toilet.
My diarrhea was so bad, I tried priming my bathroom break and ruined the living room carpet
by twelveotenandahalf April 8, 2018
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The action of stimulation of the sex organs either during masturbation or with a partner, in which one acquires enough stimulation to almost come to orgasm and ejaculates, but instead then backs off in order to prevent ejaculation. After priming a few times and not ejaculating, it then builds up the sexual energy in such a way that it will be a much more powerful orgasm when one does go past the point of no return and has an orgasm. similar to how gunpowder is placed in the pan of a firearm to ignite a charge.
"Dude, have you ever tried priming?"

"I have, and It drives me insane! Sex and no orgasm? It's the biggest tease!"
by TimBeau Sanders March 29, 2013
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Waiting for a short amount of time before pooping to ensure that it is fast and effortless.
Dude, you stink go take a poop. I can't, I am priming it.
by LordSnark March 22, 2005
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verb - manifesting implicit memories. Thinking about one thing, then unconsciously linking it to what you need to know. Famously used by Ogi Ogas on Who Wants to be a Millionaire?, where he almost won $1,000,000.
The first technique I drew upon was priming. The priming of a memory occurs because of the peculiar "connectionist" neural dynamics of our cortex, where memories are distributed across many regions and neurons. If we can recall any fragment of a pattern, our brains tend to automatically fill in the rest. For example, hearing an old Madonna song may launch a cascade of linked memories: your high school prom where it was the theme song, your poorly tailored prom outfit, your forgotten prom date, the stinging embarrassment when you threw up in the limo.
-- Ogi Ogas

by IanTerry October 14, 2007
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When you are the best version of yourself in appearance. Derived from the phrase "In his prime" used for celebrities being in the best stage of their carrier.

The word Primero may also be used when you are also one of the best looking people in a certain group
- I'm feeling so prime today. I'm going to pull any bitch I want in da club
by Xarrisss December 8, 2022
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