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verb - manifesting implicit memories. Thinking about one thing, then unconsciously linking it to what you need to know. Famously used by Ogi Ogas on Who Wants to be a Millionaire?, where he almost won $1,000,000.
The first technique I drew upon was priming. The priming of a memory occurs because of the peculiar "connectionist" neural dynamics of our cortex, where memories are distributed across many regions and neurons. If we can recall any fragment of a pattern, our brains tend to automatically fill in the rest. For example, hearing an old Madonna song may launch a cascade of linked memories: your high school prom where it was the theme song, your poorly tailored prom outfit, your forgotten prom date, the stinging embarrassment when you threw up in the limo.
-- Ogi Ogas

by IanTerry October 14, 2007
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DEWARISM: noun (u) A social, political and economic doctrine, based on the writing of Tommy Dewar, expressing the conviction that the journey of life can be enjoyed without giving up on the achieving of success.
Sir Thomas Dewar, a famous whisky distiller and philosopher, believed success in life could be obtained without arduous work, as described in his concept of Dewarism.
by IanTerry January 21, 2008
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