Not so good, around 80% complete of a good thing or a person
ash: how is your old ps2?
Me: it's still pretty good
by AsianSAGE October 16, 2014
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A saying refering to a feeling of awesome-ness.

Most often said at parties as a reply to the question "How you doin?"
Tristan - "How ya doin?"
Erika - "Good."
Tristan - " Pretty Good ."
by syndrath April 16, 2009
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The equivalent of amazing. Has a somewhat sarcastic tone. When used with this meaning, the speaker would most likely sound excited as opposed to the usual monotone "oh I don't know. It's pretty good, I guess."
"You got a new car? That's pretty good!"
by Brenna Mae October 2, 2006
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a compliment someone tries to give when the person sucks but they don’t want you to feel bad so they say you are pretty good
Person 1: how have my skills progressed
Person 2: oh you’re pretty good I guess
by DanielDevitoMyguys June 29, 2020
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Pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty good pretty good.
Larry: Good. Pretty good. Pretty prettay prettay prettay pretty good, pretty good.
by Tunachipz June 6, 2019
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Mike used it for El, watch stranger things .
"She looks..."
"Pretty... good. Pretty good."
by Mills.bobbybrown March 10, 2018
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