Use for people who are really pretty and its good for you too praise any girl no matter how they look like....
by Randomuserpassingthrough December 29, 2017
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Seems repetitive but means the same thing as "fairly pretty"
Your bootay is prettay prettay

pretty pretty booty
by Mocchaccino January 16, 2018
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something that most idiot jerks say when they are looking to get some. obviously sarcastic, pretty pretty means you are nothing at all.
''shes pretty pretty'' (while thinking ''i coudl tap that'')
by no January 26, 2004
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a scintillating, alluring, intelligent, totally approachable minx of a pixie grrl.
omgawd,... That sweet lil Miss just stole my heart and mind by saying hello -she's one pretty pretty bazooka.
by javamonkey April 17, 2007
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This is a orgasmic episode in which the male fornicator comes to the bring of ejaculation and on exertion of his seminal fluids onto the female (or male not that there's anything wrong with that) fornicator's body (part of body to be determined before-hand, or at moment of ejacualtion), he quickly reaches for a container of glitter (to be placed within reach before intercourse commences) and hurriedly dumps glitter onto area of ejaculation. Before the glitteree can respond, the glitterer exclaims, "Hey girl. You my pretty pretty princess."*

*This final declamation is absolutely essential to the orgasmic episode's success.

*In the event of male on male intercourse, the glitterer may replace "princess" with "prince." However, if the gliteree is a male, then there is a decent possibility that he will concede with the term "princess," anyways.
Hey girl. What happened to you?

He told me I was his pretty pretty princess.
by Tbari May 13, 2013
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The act of re-applying makeup throughout the day, such as pulling out a compact mirror and adjusting your powder, lipgloss, mascara or any other makeup item in public.

The act of being so vain that one (usually female) must re-apply any makeup item onto her face in front of people in order to feel confident.
Instead of paying attention to the Baseball game, she sat there and played 'pretty pretty princess' the entire time. Get over yourself bitch!

by Shantal Arechederra November 28, 2007
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Your going back to Austrailia?!?!? Oh, I'll miss you, pretty pretty love love
by Kirsi February 15, 2005
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