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Expressed when a dude/chick is actually in love with the subject, rather than sexy, hot, ect.
Man, Katie is so pretty, I love her so much.
by NoobMuncher March 12, 2007
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Instant messaging program. Can be used for good or evil.
MSN Messenger actual conversations. (I'm Doug, FYI)
Doug: Hey man
Travis: Yo
Travis: Whatcha doin'?
Doug: Just blastin' some Metallica. You?
Travis: Not much.. playing Guitar Hero, drinkin' coke, the usual.
Doug: Sweet.

xXxemochick4evaxXx: omg hai
Doug: Hi. (Really thinking: Oh snap.)
xXxemochick4evaxXx: wadya doin
Doug: Just chillin'.
xXxemochick4evaxXx: arent u wite?
Doug: ...Yeah?
xXxemochick4evaxXx: then u cant say chillin
Doug: OK whatever.

See what I mean?
by NoobMuncher March 16, 2007
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