3 definitions by natalienegro

What you say when there are a lot of people.
usually only used when a lot of people have a certain article of clothing or in the same place.

don't use if with someone over the age of 60, or with someone you are trying to impress with your intellect.
Jane: did you go to the twilight premiere?
Lucy: ugh. yes.
Jane: was there a lot of people?
Lucy: just about everyone and their grandma.
by natalienegro March 24, 2009
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someone who would rather spend time on myspace with their vertual friends then the ones that actually exsist.

these people tend to spend stupid bulletins saying shit no one cares about like "pc4pc"
or "lyke omg. i am SO bored. talk to me!"

they have like 232,675 friends, which no one can possibly know in real life.
Friend 1: Hey! let's go to the mall and smoke weed and get wasted.
Friend 2: no. i'm busy commenting my friends.
Friend 1: Myspace whore.
by natalienegro March 24, 2009
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