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Praying on the young and naive girls over the consenting age. Telling them such things as a backdoor santa or baltimore break in are standard sexual moves, thus improving the human gene pool using Darwins theory of evolution with a new generation of sexy young ladies with an outstanding sexual back catalogue who are more than willing as they don't know any better
Andy and Phil picked up a couple of barmaids from the Fat Badger, the girls were inexperienced until they boys drove them to Phils lair whilst demonstrating the dirty andretti. They then went on to introduce them to the Louisianna lane change, angry pirate and cleveland steamer. The girls would then go on to utilise these new skills with future boyfriends thinking it was the norm. Andy and Phils predatorial instincts had made the world a slightly better place
by Studleys sidekick October 22, 2012
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