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The greatest compliment you can give a woman.
A new age way of telling a girl she's perfect in almost everyway.
Josh: Yo, have you seen the new chick? She's Precise!
Will: Damn. She's perfect... but I still don't think she's as bad as Wenona!
Josh: True, Wenona is precise!
Will: True.
by #FobCity June 20, 2012
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May 15 Word of the Day
A few weeks ago, no one had “cheugy” in their vocabulary . Now everything is saturated with the word. It’s in our heads. It’s in our homes. Everyone is asking: “Am I cheugy? Am I a basic ass bitch? Am I GUILTY of being cheugy?”

The proliferation of cheugy in the mainstream discourse can only be attributed to one source: mental terror. It’s an orchestrated psychological trap to make you question your tastes and interests in the eyes of others.

You are not a cheug. YOU’RE PERFECT!!!!

It is very suspicious that the cheugy mascot is a Minion, a literal cyclops, a deformed
yellow panopticon in overalls ... do not let the all-seeing eye to control you. Be vigilant. Resist cheugy psyops.
Becca is another victim of cheugy psyops. I saw the garbage truck take all her Ugg boots yesterday. She even removed “I LOVE The Office!” from all her dating profiles. She’s unrecognizable.
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by Callmemaybe69 May 12, 2021
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(noun) the distinction between a cise and a pre-cise is that a pre-cise is the act of cising something BEFORE it actually happens or even exists. Pre-cising can be due to feelings of preconceived excitement, enthusiasm, or thoughts of awesomeness. Exercise caution when pre-cising - you don't want to set you or others up for unnecessary disappointment.
1. "Omgosh. My outfit for this party is gonna actually be so hot. Like suriously, all eyes are going to be on me. I can just see it. Walk in. Stop the party b/c of how much sex I'm gonna ooze."

"Have you actually bought your outfit yet?"


"Stop pre-cising yourself. You're gonna pre-cise a non-existent and could just end up looking like shit."

2. "My baby be the shit."
"Yo baby isn't even born yet. You be pre-cising it."
by djs of c4503 December 31, 2011
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Describes a woman who performs oral sex frequently, and as a result shows some skill. Implies prostitution, sluttiness. The idea is that she'd have to be efficient to fit all her men/johns in. If she were sloppy, she'd never have time for anything else.

A precise woman makes you come quickly, not hard. Usually derogatory, although if the woman is not ashamed of her sexual prowess, can be complimentary (the latter is rare.)
I know that ho gets around a lot, she's just too precise to be a prude.
by xenolon January 27, 2006
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ill beyond all reason, str8 sick, mad hot and mad tight
my and my thug sand negroz be mad precise in dis hurr rap game
by SAND_MC July 09, 2003
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ill beyond explination, jus hot crazy and sick
man me and my boyz is str8 percise when it comes to dis rap game
by SAND_MC July 09, 2003
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