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Another name for Knox County, you'll find snooty rich people on one side and run down buildings along with hood rats on the other. Everyone talks smack here, but 98.5% of the population won't actually do anything but *maybe* call the cops. A perfect place to live if you have an inferiority complex.
Well known for pills and sex trafficking, Knoxville is the city for America's rejects.

F*ck me, I live in Knoxville.
by johnnyrocket92 October 23, 2016

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Someone who prays to God only when they want something as opposed to actually doing something about it, and otherwise does nothing else to further his kingdom. Typical behavior includes leaving their megachurch on a Sunday morning to have lunch at a restaurant and berate the server for working that day.
Here come the prayer warriors, everyone hide the gays and put out your cigarettes or we're all going to hell!
by johnnyrocket92 October 23, 2016

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A term used for someone who sleeps refuses to take responsibility for his ex's poor life choices. If put in the mom's position, a "Deadbeat Dad" would take responsibility and make the sensible choice of having an abortion rather than having a baby with someone that wants nothing to do with the baby and using morality as an excuse.
Joey doesn't want the baby but Jesus says I can't get an abortion. What a deadbeat dad!

I could have used birth control or the morning after pill, but I like not thinking so instead I allowed myself to get pregnant with my son, chose not to have an abortion and it's all his deadbeat dad's fault!
by johnnyrocket92 April 18, 2019

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