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"The origin of the expression go pound sand is from a longer expression, not to know (have enough sense to) pound sand down a rathole. Filling rat holes with sand is menial work, and telling someone to pound sand down a hole is like telling them to go fly a kite. The expression dates to at least 1912 and is common in the midwestern United States."
by Anonymous October 31, 2003
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To tell someone that what they want isn't going to happen. The concept of pounding sand is to do something pretty useless. You can hit sand all day long, it doesn't change at all. So by telling someone to "pound sand" you are telling them that they will never get their request.
The debt collecter threatened me but I told him to pound sand, that he wasn't going to get another dime out of me.
by Borrower February 04, 2013
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To order someone to go away or "get lost." This is a widely used term that has no vulgar connotations.
One friend told another to pound sand when he questioned the veracity of the Old English Dictionary.
by relished January 17, 2011
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Go away. Get lost. Leave now. Get out of my sight.
You best pound sand before I beat your face in; I don't want to argue anymore.
by Shanranae August 21, 2018
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The term pound sand originally referred to the degrading job of filling rat holes with sand. However, its meaning has evolved, it now refers to a technique used in Vietnamese whore houses. This technique was used when the whores would give a man a hand job and then right before the man would ejaculate the whore would cap the penis, give it one hard pump, and then release it causing the man to ejaculate with such force that the it would hit the ceiling.
by asdfhjjkl December 02, 2004
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