"The origin of the expression go pound sand is from a longer expression, not to know (have enough sense to) pound sand down a rathole. Filling rat holes with sand is menial work, and telling someone to pound sand down a hole is like telling them to go fly a kite. The expression dates to at least 1912 and is common in the midwestern United States."
by Anonymous October 31, 2003
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To order someone to go away or "get lost." This is a widely used term that has no vulgar connotations.
One friend told another to pound sand when he questioned the veracity of the Old English Dictionary.
by relished January 17, 2011
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A phrase meaning to “fuck off” or to “go cry about it”.
(Me destroying a kid in Madden)
Kid: *starts crying*
Me: Oh boo hoo! Let me play the world’s smallest violin for you! Pound sand, cry to your mommy and tell her that I beat you. Why don’t you just pound sand and rage quit, you’re just wasting my time.
by DodgersFanGaming December 24, 2020
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Go away. Get lost. Leave now. Get out of my sight.
You best pound sand before I beat your face in; I don't want to argue anymore.
by Shanranae August 21, 2018
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Walk away (from the fact that each step requires one to press down the sand beneith one's feet; from Hawaiin slang)
by Big Steve September 4, 2003
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