5 definitions by Shanranae

Go away. Get lost. Leave now. Get out of my sight.
You best pound sand before I beat your face in; I don't want to argue anymore.
by Shanranae August 21, 2018
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Jimmy is a fun loving wild and crazy guy. One you want in your foxhole. He can fix anything as in “jimmy rig it.” Even the bad times with him are good.
Me and Jimmy got lost on a dirt road in the desert; we laughed all the way home.
by Shanranae August 20, 2018
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A younger girl (woman) who is always there when you need her OR even when you don't. She is down to fight for you even if she gets beat up! She'll try anything. Always thinks positive even if you want to choke her.
by Shanranae February 25, 2017
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Never needs an introduction. Life of the party. He leads everyone follows. Guys want to be him while their girls try to be with him. The bad boy. The one mom warned you about. The heartbreaker. The backdoor man. The best of most.
Hey Mr Cool Guy, is it still 16 to 60? Nope it’s 19 to 90.
by Shanranae August 20, 2018
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Keeps his head under pressure... He is confident and walks with swag. He owns it when he does it and makes it look easy. Looks good when he does it and everybody wants to be him. Yet he is the first to help the underdog.
Check it out that cool kid let Wilbur use his wakeboard after he just shredded the wake.
by Shanranae February 27, 2017
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