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A sudden and usually unexpected engagement in consensual vigorous sexual activity.
"My woman went to the bar and when she came home she totally pounched me."

"I woke up with her on top of me riding me like a bronco. It was one of the best pounches I've ever experienced."

"I can't take it! I have to pounch the lead singer from The Agonist!!!"
by The Five Legged Spider June 20, 2009
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to pounce and punch at the same time
I saw that crazy chick and just want to pounch her ass.

You better quit messin with Dee or she'll pounch
by sweetdeez February 21, 2010
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The fat buldge below a girls stomach and above her poontang
Man, that ho-girl's got an incredibly huge pounch
by Cody October 08, 2003
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