'Potted'. If one has been 'Potted' then one has been 'Parred' (please find in urban dictionary if the word is not part of your inner language)

In other words: If you have been potted then you have in some way been insulted. This word works far better in a group of people as once one has been insulted another acquaintance (or if the group are close to you a 'friend) will turn round and yell in a teasing way 'POTTED'.
Person 1: 'You've disrsepected me'
person 2: 'MATE, your mums sideburns disrespect me'
person 4: Parred
by Upper Class Merking Mistress. January 04, 2011
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slang for getting very drunk; see also wasted, smashed, blitzed, and blotto
I went on a pub crawl last night and got completely potted.
by StreakyBacon December 25, 2004
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To be fired from ones place of employment.

Also, to get potted.
"I got potted the other week, now I've got to look for a new job in a recession, devastated!"
by C--dog November 21, 2011
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To become higher than high.
Damn Dawg, John was so potted last night after smokin that L.
by Derrick"theone" July 29, 2006
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Potted, like a potbelly...
HAR HAR you have a potted belly Liz said to her homeboi Joe
by Slimage+ February 26, 2005
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