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A shity ass hole in the ground in upstate NY consisting of natives, GANGSTAS! (who claim to be duces dushes? erm whatever), people who think there punk, and preps. It has 15,000-20,000 people and its mall is a dump with hardly any stores left in it.
Most of the town is run down and poor. Over all it sucks so much drama over nothing never move here and get out if you can! SERIOUSLY!
i moved to massena optomistic 3 months later i atempted suicide and have been in therapy ever since GO RED RAIDERS!!!! YAY!
by Teh punk geek December 24, 2005
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An area populated by about 14,000 people. (Maybe more now because all anyone does in this town is drugs, and have sex) Consists of different classes of people starting with your scuzzers, your fuck-and-runs, your gangsters, your wanksters, your preps, your natives, and last but not least your druggies. Mostly druggies. Often a person belongs to multiple classes. For example: An abercrombie sweater with G-Unit shoes, and a fat blunt in the pocket. As you can see this person would fall under prep, gangster/wankster, and druggy. Such variation in people is superb!
Yo I am going to hit up Massena to grab a bite to eat, smoke some pot, and probably see someone I've already seen today.
by RAIDER March 22, 2007
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A town in upstate new york with so many different areas. It mainly consists of Native Americans, chill chicks, preppy snots, and punk ass white kids from the "GHETTO". there are ghetto areas along with high class preps and then the middle people. Everyone has at least smoked pot or has done plenty other drugs in this town and yet it is a highly observed area by state police and border patrol... yet this place is never dry from alchy pot acid shrooms coke and so on... hmmm how slyyyy....


a place where women know what they r doing and men are our lap dogs
~ive smoked pot in the massena red raiders welding room... !
~ive drank rum and coke in the athletic directors office
at massena central high
~ive ran the mile and smoked a cig directly after in front of Massena high School while the teachers were waiting for the fat mess asses to finish their 3rd lap round the track!
~ive parked my car in front of the Massena Police station and clam baked my car!
~dude massena preppy chicks are fucking John Sullivans
by slappy ace October 17, 2005
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