Tyler, The Creator recently came up with the song "Potato Salad" featuring A$AP ROCKY. The actual Potato Salad is something that is as close as possible to the concept of perfection, so everything could be Potato Salad, it just changes person by person. When someone asks if something is Potato Salad he means that the thing questioned to be Potato Salad is definitely something that this person likes a lot. It can be used for objects, people and to define really good weed. Note though that everything can be Potato Salad, but the philosophy stands for the fact that nothing will ever be Potato Salad.
1.Hey is that Potato Salad?

2.Hey what's good, you got that Potato Salad with you?
by Tyranitar August 26, 2018
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a salad made with potatoes. PRETTY TASTY!

Potatoes with a salad, who woulda thought of that??
Guy 1: Hey man i made potato salad!
Guy 2: SICK BRO!
by 1 Cool Guy February 27, 2020
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1. (noun) A common picnic side dish consisting of mayo mustard and primarily potatoes

2. (noun) In poker, to catch a straight, flush, or full house on the turn or river
1. Random Guy: Before you may pass, name one thing you take to a picnic.

Peter Griffin: We're going to go with Potato Salad

Random Guy: (pointing to a cloud) SHOW ME POTATO SALAD!!!

2. With an open ended straight draw after the flop, Shawn said "show me potato salad" and ended up catching his straight on the turn
by thebizzareone October 6, 2004
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An extremely addictive, potent, hallujuicenetic substance. Composed mainly of potatoe, egg, mayonaise,and chopped vegetables. The consumption of Potato Salad generally causes severe outbreaks of complete insanity. The effects of Potato Salad are hidden from non-potato salad users.

Chase:'dude, its only potato salad...'


by BigNig May 8, 2005
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when a man cums all over a girls tits in large amounts so that they look like potato salad
Man: Everytime I jizz on her tits I try to make them potato salad.
by isaidyoucanhavewhateveryoulike January 29, 2009
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Potato Salad is a word that is often an inside joke between the boys, this word is mostly used when all boys are together and one suddenly ditches. They make other jokes such as “can u see me” “close application” “why u leave” “why u leave party”.
Person 1: Hey

Person 2: Potato Salad

This word can be used anytime
by Smart user August 4, 2020
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Potato salad means to stay chill or fresh. Just like the food potato salad.

Saying potato salad is normally followed by a gesture of stirring a bowl of potato salad.
Kegen: Hey Sierra keeping it potato salad... *Motioning hand in a stirring motion*

Sierra: you know how it be sometimes
by Gratatagotcha July 6, 2018
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