A person who is an example of something.
Though Jerry was reckless, he somehow always prevailed due to dumb luck. When they say "Fortune favours the foolish", Jerry was the poster child.
by Zetastic May 31, 2005
Someone who is the perfect fit for a stereotype.
That girl who says "like, omg" all the time is the poster child for a Valley Girl.
by Im Caca for Cocoa Puffs January 23, 2008
A verb derived from the phrase poster child. To make an example of someone or something through the application of an unfair double standard.
I'm not the only person who has gained 20 pounds. Stop poster-childing me!
by David SB June 3, 2008
an insult, likening someone to one of the children on the Jerry Lewis promotional poster for his telethon. aka: Jerry's Kid
That dude needs help, that friggin' poster child.
by Peter April 16, 2004
A person who is a disgrace to society. Someone who embarrasses themselves and makes themselves look stupid time and time again. A person who does stupid things and makes no excuses for it.
Mike Rehmyer is the perfect poster child for birth control.
by ueiee October 24, 2008
the child that the put up on posters to make people say,"oh dear jebus! im going to start taking birth control so that doesn't end up poping out of me."
"you are the poster child for birth control."
by bhrome April 5, 2004
Someone that is so damn stupid, ugly or worthless and should be the poster child for "Pull Out" magazine.
Eugene is such a pull out poster child! His father should have pulled out, better yet should have just had another beer and never put it in!
by Lynchmob August 9, 2006