The dry hump of marketing strategies.
"And here I am reduced to postcards, the dry hump of marketing strategies." - Killface
by MD. April 8, 2008
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When someone uses text messaging or instant messaging to deliver a one-way communication. Even if you respond immediately, there is little chance to expect a reply -- the postcarder has already put their phone away or closed the instant message window.
Oh boy, Jennifer is postcarding again. I texted her back immediately and got "Delivered", but she hasn't even "Read" my response. She is just happy to have delivered her postcard.
by tbarrett187 February 25, 2016
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One fineee bitch. Usually from the tropics or another vacation destination. Could be the name for the girl you hooked up with on vacation, or just a girl you spot thats lookin' hot and appears to be local.
"There's a few postcards over at the bar I wouldn't mind sendin' home"
by Psuedonymm July 11, 2008
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A person who uses text messaging or instant messaging to send one-way communications. Even if you respond immediately to their postcard, there is little hope you will receive a reply. The postcard has already put their phone away or closed the instant messaging window after they delivered their postcard
Ian is such a postcarder. I received another one-way text message from his this morning. I replied the 2nd I got his message, but he probably already turned his phone off.
by tbarrett187 February 25, 2016
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A postcard is a one-way communication you receive from someone via text messaging or instant messaging. The postcarder only cares about delivering their message to you (i.e., their postcard). It is so frustrating to respond back immediately to the postcarder and not get a reply.
I hate when my Mom uses text messaging to send me a postcard. Text messaging is for 2 say conversations. I want to throw the phone when I respond immediately and i get the "Delivered" indication, but she doesn't even "Read" my reply! Ugh!!!
by tbarrett187 February 25, 2016
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(tr. verb) Take a girl on a date. Treat her really nicely. Buy her drinks, dessert, more drinks. Wait for the right moment, then place a roofy in her drink. Take her home. Now rape her. Go on vacation, send her a postcard from your destination. ONLY WRITE: "Wish you were here! I RAPED YOU."
Awww duuuuuuude! I totally need to send some postcards this spring break!!
by NotMyIdea January 14, 2009
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To live life day by day and to travel the world see new places and meet new people and just to go with the flow and really just live life post card by post card that's what postcard life means to me. -young guy that really just realized the true meaning of life don't take it seriously
Man he really is livin the postcard life exploring the world and enjoying life
by Live your dreams December 22, 2013
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