- Che, yesterday, I saw a pink dog.
- Posta?
- Posta, boludo!
by Maestruli November 19, 2017
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Place where its chill for smoking marijuana
Boy meet me at the posta by the park
by BsikerG June 16, 2019
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Same as english usage "suppose to"
I was posta go to school today but I didn't.
by Jungle March 18, 2003
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An abbreviation of the word suppose, something you should do or you are suppose to do.
you are posta stop at da red light
by Christine Smith July 19, 2005
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contraction for the words "suppose to"
"Hey, Tony, you're not 'posta be smoking in the house!"
by Laura Messer May 7, 2008
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1) "Supposed to be"
2) "Poster Boy" -- A person who is an example of something
3) "Poster" -- In regards to basketball terms.
4) A Rapper from La Puente, CA
1st Person: Eyo did you hear Posta B.'s new track?
2nd Person: Yeah man that ish was fire!
by PB9 November 10, 2007
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A word in place of “supposed to” when you don’t feel like saying the whole thing
I’m posta pay deshaun back later today.
by BJK42 December 14, 2017
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