Derogatory or merely joke word to describe someone of Portuguese origin...often used in Southern Ontario where at least half a million Portuguese live.
Hey Fatima are u pork and cheeese
by Salvatore Ragoti August 12, 2004
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Cockney Rhyming Slang (UK) for "Portuguese". NOT a derogatory term unless used with another word(s). For example, "check out that fucking pork 'n' cheese wanker!"
There are a lot of Pork 'n' Cheese living over here these days.
by Robbo March 15, 2005
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a deroatory term for a portuguese man. If portuguse people are called pork and cheese they'll kick ur fricken ass or pull out some pork and cheese and make u eat it.
look at the pork and cheese eat his pork and cheese with his bread.
by MADG October 9, 2005
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This act can only be performed when you have a larger than normal foreskin. Now, do not wash your cock for weeks letting the dickcheese build and build creating quite a sharp pungent odour, which should sting the nostrils when near. Now have your partner blow up your foreskin, much like you would a balloon and see how long the balloon can stay inflated. *Not recommended for sexual begginers or lactose intolerant
Allan: Mary and i have found a new act to add to our bedroom activities.
Greg : What is it Allan?
Allan: its called The Pork and cheese balloon
Greg: i feel sick just thinking about it...
by Frank Fontain April 18, 2019
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1. Unsavory substance made from left-over roast pork.

2. Unsavory substance found under an unwashed prepuce.
1. Mrs Beeton's pork cheese did not taste good!!!

2. Mrs Beeton's pork cheese did not taste good!!!
by Dirty Animals January 7, 2009
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