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A phenomena caused by friction; occuring when an eldery gentleman's grey 'beard' rubs against the inside of his polyester trousers, resulting in an electric shock being administered to anyone touching his 'wand'.
Gladys' eyes shot open in shock as she felt the sparks from Albert's semi-flaccid cock shoot across her toothless gums.
"Wizard!" she thought.
by Dirty Animals January 16, 2009

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The anomaly of finding an ugly person attractive as soon as their genitals are exposed. Usually the result of extreme randiness, but not always.
Sofie - "Eeew, did you seriously go home with Larissa last night??!!"
Steve - "I know, I know! I wasn't gonna actually DO anything, but then she took her knickers off and the porn goggles appeared..."
by Dirty Animals February 12, 2009

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A Weasel in My Meatsafe is an autobiographical book by One Man and His Dog presenter Phil Drabble.

A weasel in my meatsafe is a euphemism for the act of housing (temporarily) a long, thin, hairy creature within a safe, meaty environment.
Michelle - "You're looking pretty pleased with yourself this morning. What's the deal?"

Zoe - "Well, I had a weasel in my meatsafe last night, so life is good!"
by Dirty Animals November 05, 2009

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1. Unsavory substance made from left-over roast pork.

2. Unsavory substance found under an unwashed prepuce.
1. Mrs Beeton's pork cheese did not taste good!!!

2. Mrs Beeton's pork cheese did not taste good!!!
by Dirty Animals January 07, 2009

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The deliciously painful feeling experienced the morning after a bout of particularly vigorous intercourse.
Applicable, but not limited, to homosexual activity.
"You alright Alisdair? You look like you're gonna throw up!"
"Yeah, just a touch of sausage hangover; Iain got a little carried away last night after watching Bill Odie on Springwatch..."
by Dirty Animals February 23, 2009

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A complimentary phrase used to describe the positive effects of a pleasant-looking male on the delicate sensibilites of a hard-up female.
1) Fuck me, that guy was hot; I'm foaming at the minge!!!

2) Phhhhaaaooorrr; that guy was foamy!!!!!
by Dirty Animals February 12, 2010

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The act of trimming one's labia with pinking shears for aesthetic and/or sensory purposes.
Tammy knew she was gonna be sore after climping, but this was ridiculous! It felt like she'd done the splits on a box of dynamite!!!
by Dirty Animals May 13, 2009

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