Bill "Dude slow down! Don't you see that crown vic behind you."

Geoff "Chill man its only roast pork."
by dudestoner2 February 07, 2008
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A pork roast is when a chick takes it from a dude (anally or vaginally), and at the same time she sucks another dude off. Similar to sticking two stakes into a pig at opposite ends and roasting it over an open flame.

syn. finger cuffs
"So this guy I knew was railing this chick on the couch in the living room and his buddy came up and wipped out his dong and said, 'so, what are you gonna do about this?' and she started sucking him off." - example
by Jason January 10, 2005
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The act of two men having sex at the same time with a hideously ugly woman. A variation of a threesome, it only becomes a pork roast if the girl is a complete munter. Often, the ritual of a Pork Roast is ended by throwing the girl's jeans out of the window, completing her humiliation.
"I slipped it up her arse while she sucked my mate off... afterwards we got rid of her by chucking her jeans out the window. Man that was a pork roast I'll never forget."
by Geordie Lass August 30, 2006
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a fat woman sucking a guys dick & another guy fucking her backdoor at the same time.
queen latifah likes to do a pork roast.
by anony23 April 27, 2009
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When a male sticks his dick in a female and slowly turns her in a 360 degree rotation.
John: me and Sally got so bored last night that we did a pork roast.
Jeff: awesome.
by HarryMan808 January 09, 2013
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Being so high that you feel as though you are a piece of roasted pork.
by KingBlooted February 07, 2011
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well we all know what the original pork roast is (one guy penetrating from the rear while the other receives oral from the same girl while they are standing up and the girl is on hands and knees). Well, the marinated part cums in when both of the guys pull out towards the end and cover the girl in their special sauce.
"Things can get even better if you switch places with your buddy mid-marinated pork roast."
by matt t-bone May 04, 2009
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