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To totally get into sucking, licking, and slurping on a guy’s hard cock. Vigorously and rhythmically tonguing the shaft and dickhead, emphatically engulfing said penis, wrapping your mouth around the man’s member and keeping full, slick contact over the entire length with your lips, spending the greater part of the time fellating the rock hard throbbing head.

The act of over-exaggeratingly mimicking how someone would lick, suck, and slurp on a juicy, dripping, tasty popsicle.
Huglas was so turned on watching Markus popsicling his pulsating, engorged cock. The look on M’s face was evidence he was totally lost in pleasuring DDD, swallowing the shaft,and slowly enveloping the throbbing head with his juicy lips. Damn, what a stellar bobbgoblin!!
by Huglas! January 16, 2019
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