Popeye's chicken is when you take the raw skin of a chicken breast and wrap it around an erect penis. then you proceed to insert in the vagina. just before ejaculation you pull out, shove the chicken skin in her mouth, immediately followed by a "nut-busting" in her mouth with the skin still in it. then quickly poke the broad in the eye with the erect penis(preferably both eyes but one will do).
what did you guys eat for dinner last night? i gave her some popeye's chicken.
by Norgustis November 06, 2006
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For the love of god, don't eat there. If you want to have chicken, go to Chick fil A and save your stomach and soul. Avoid this greasy disease like hell, its not different from KFC.
Person 1: "Heard you ate at Popeye's Chicken, how good was it?"

Person 2: "I have nightmares now."
by senthurmanz June 02, 2018
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