One of the ways a guinea pig shows his/her excitment/affection. Basically they jump around in little hops and twists. Like popcorn when its cooking.
Me: aaw! my guinea pig liked her tunnel toy so much, she was popcorning around the entire cage!
by iViva la gloria! October 1, 2009
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To eat or consume something quickly and aggressively. This is done in a way comparable to how your girlfriend eats her way through an entire bucket of popcorn at a movie theater before the trailers are even finished. Popcorning is a common practice in American buffets.
"I popcorned my schizo pills while choobering my water"

"His family loves my cooking. He's popcorning a third serving of the hotdish and they still wants more."
by Dazork June 28, 2022
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When you shove your flaccid penis into an orifice and then let it get hard.
The heat popcorned my dick inside her vagina. We were popcorning.
by Pucsmash February 17, 2019
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The act of having sex on a trampoline with popcorn on it.
Popcorning at night is so romantic
by MsInimical October 11, 2021
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Smoking a bowl of West Dallas weed called 'Popcorn' then popping and eating a bag of buttery, salty, popcorn.
Guy 1: Hey man, you wanna hang tonight? It's Popcorn with Popcorn night!
Guy 2: Sounds delicious!
by GodsInfantry June 10, 2010
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Popcorn is a seed with a little man on the inside. When it is heated, the little man on the inside gets mad. Very mad! So mad that he bursts! Which results in the poped corn. However, this isn't the end of it. Popcorn always gets revenge on its murderer by clinging on to the back on your throat when you eat it. This results in an itchy awful sensation on the back of your throat.
Man! That popcorn was good... but mad!
by Mr. G. G. Ginger February 22, 2020
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A Delicious. Yellowey food , usually for eating at the movies or for fun at home.
Chad: what do i eat in the movies?
Joel: uhh, popcorn of course?
Andrew: dumbass he said popcorn..
Logan: Chad go get a hearing aid.
by a wild bandaid May 6, 2017
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