Jamie rolled the biggest poopstick ever. We couldn't even smoke it.
by Trittey Cricket September 22, 2013
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A woman shits on your dick during anal
My friend got a poopstick last night and he now needs to take a airplane bath
by Fishdick Jesus January 15, 2014
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Stick with toilet paper wrapped around one end. Frequently used by midgets to wipe their backsides on account of their arms being so short
Hey, that midget Jane has her poopstick showing in her hand bag
by Poopstick Pappy December 2, 2015
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A stick with a fairly large poop on it; often eaten on holidays. It tastes like Chicken when fried.
Mom, can I have a Poopstick for dinner tonight?!
by yerrrrrrrrpd00d November 6, 2009
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1. One who knocks down a trash can full of dog crap and proceeds to try and clean it up with a random stick from nature.

2. Kurt Walters
1. Get away from the trash can, Poopstick, and come over here and jam it over T-Wes again.
by Steven Ride November 2, 2007
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A stick used to chop up a turd that is to big to flush.
"Damn that's a big one, someone get me the poopstick."
by TCW00dy March 17, 2004
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A reference used when something goes wrong.
"Oh poopsticks, I spilled the milk."
by crim77 April 20, 2008
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