person 1: Where you been all night bro?
person 2: I been taking a phat ass poopie sorry.
by peepeepoopooman:) July 7, 2020
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I went poopies. Poopies in my pants. Poopies for you.
by Mark March 3, 2004
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A beautiful brown log made of food that comes out of your butthole 😚🤗
Elie : hey dude what is that on the floor ??
Angelina : oh that’s the poopie that I took on the floor !

Elie: ok ima eat it 🤗
by Angie42069 October 28, 2019
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The act of loving someone so passionately , the girl calls the guy poopie
by weenusbabe January 29, 2010
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Nigga you aint puttin that in the blunt, that shit is poopie.
by jeffrey jeffersonjeffield March 23, 2006
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Hey Paul I'm coming to your house now, but first..... Let me take a POOPIE.

JOHNNY WAS HERE. Then he took a POOPIE and left. He posted it on Facebook.
by iplaynaked May 25, 2014
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1. (Noun) A "selfie" that you take while pooping.
2. (Noun) Another word for "poop"
1. Ew! Sam just posted a poopie on Instagram!
2. Man I can't hold this poopie in any longer...
by Nah I'm Cool April 18, 2014
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