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An ubiquitous object that offers many great stimulatory-related perks. If one is dubbed a poonbaby, one must be extremely proud of their new title; and furthermore must spread their poonbaby steeze throughout their country of origin.
Poonbabies are all over the world, but are a rarity and are subsequently not easily found.
In essence, a poonbaby is similar to a babythug; one which has steeze that flows like the waters of the river Nile. A poonbaby has magical properties, can make dragons explode, and is embossed in a celestial hue that fades to indigo.
Poonbabies generally tend to congregate at Newbury College in Brookline, Massachusetts.

A poonbaby is not to be confused with poon, which is a vagina.
"I met a poonbaby earlier...She granted me three magical wishes: 1) Pussy 2) Money 3) Weed."
by SabAsh December 03, 2008
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One who is cowardice or lacking any fervor.
"What you mean you dont wanna come to the show?"
"My Mom said i cant..."
"Man, you ain't nothing but a little Poon Baby!"
by Cronktoculous 3000 December 11, 2007
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