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1. Large amounts of teenage vagina achieved within a fortnight.

2. An overwhelming amount of vaginal fluid.

(The different uses of Poonani Tsunami are to be recognized through the expression on the speakers face.)
Ex 1. I've been riding a poonani tsunami all week and I'm having a lot of fun.

Ex 2. There was a poonani tsunami and it got all in my eyes.
by Nickuhcrazy June 09, 2008
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a reunion of poons the likes of which this world is not prepared to handle
get ready for the poonani tsunami of summer 2005 :)
by CK Washington April 25, 2005
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When a guys sex game is so strong he's causes a bitch to gush on an almost biblical stud-like scale. If your lucky enough, you'll be renowned for giving women that sweet sweet Poonani Tsunami.
Damn man I was going down on a chick last night and all of a sudden she just hit me with the poonani tsunami - thought I was going to drown right there in her bed. She wants the same again tonight though ;)
by its_memo_creations May 02, 2016
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