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FKK is an abbreviation that is found in several european languages, it originaly stems from german and is short for "frei-körper-kultur" (free body culture). it can be found on signs at beaches and lakes, tellng the visitor that he is going to enter an area where it is common to swim and sunbath nude.
fkk does not always mean the same as "clothing optional", sometimes the only accepted way to bath there is in your bithday suit :) whereever you find such a sign there is a regular beach around somewhere
by mcCoy84 April 13, 2009
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Nudism/naturism, after German Freie Körper Kultur
A European FKK sauna club, an FKK beach
by Triggerhydepark January 13, 2016
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FKK, short for Fayyaz-Kazi-Khan
A persona created by self for auto-fellatio.
A self-proclaimed form of uber nova evolution.
Untouchable, invincible, delusional.
Insecure with self, ergo, creation of egocentric exoskeleton.
An actually lost, myopic, confused soul.

Also see douche bag, ignorant, tool, moron, lame, loser, jerk, boring, jackass, retard, fake
I am FKK, gods gift to all that moves with a breeze.
by blunt.reality September 21, 2010
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A Non-Racist group composed entirely of members not averse to blowing on hard brass. To be a member one must apply and receive your Klan name. Our initiation includes Gerbil-Asstastic rites and other unmentionable acts. Much love to our members

FuckFace, CockFace, BitchFace, BastardFace, CumFAce,
The F.K.K is the shizzle and bust a cap in the ass of the Anti-F.K.K
by April, Aleigh, y Kelsey December 23, 2006
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