The moment during a threesome involving 2 males and 1 female where the males' balls collide in the heat of passion.

It's not gay until the balls touch.
"Tom and Jerry were double-teaming Amy in both holes when the place turned into a pool table."
by John Hollick May 3, 2008
a table used for sex like off the movie american pie
BOB: hey did u see my pool table
Beck: yea sorry it was full with cum
bob : yea next time ima use the pool table
by mizael14 May 15, 2008
A mirror and straws.
"Yo, playa'. I just got an 8-ball and pool table. Call me when you get this message!"
by Ben29 August 27, 2006
Sex term when a female sucks on a male's testicles before giving him oral sex.
Sara went under the pool table while I was sitting on the couch
by Yellow-Fire December 10, 2002
When someone who is filthy fucking drunk is at the bar and has had too much to drink and now needs to barf but doesn't think he can make it to the bathroom so he just decides to blow chunks into one of the pockets on the pool table.
We should have never let that drunken motherfucker into our bar. He broke one of our stools with his fat fucking ass and made pool table chunks after taking a six pack from our fridge and sitting down and drinking the whole fucking thing himself.
by cantbetheking August 30, 2013
Someone who steals pool balls and proceeds to ruin every game of pool he can get his hands on. Often waiting for the game to start before slowly making his way to the table to ruin it . The pool table bandit operates alone and takes his time stealing ball to ball.
by The pool table bandit himself November 22, 2021
some bitch that walks into a bar, grabs the wrisp of the nearest guy and leads him a pool table, strips completely naked and rides his cock then fucks another 10 to 15 guys with with the entire place watching
pool table Betty walked in the the bar and lead some random dude back to a table and fucked the shit out him and then took it in the ass from 10 more guys.
by erwtqw March 20, 2008