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A contraction of the words pussy and booger. A term of endearment for a child.
Ahhhh, you sweetie pie. You're momma's little pooger. Yes you are.
by Jay Effin March 27, 2009
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A female Poog. The name is derived from a combination of their Poog counterparts, combined with the opportunistic and unrealistic ambitions of a washed-up Cougar.
Differences from the male Poog are as follows:
1. Prefers older classic rock from the 70's, such as The Eagles and Blondie.
2. Will quickly ask younger males at the bar to buy them a drink, rather than the classier Cougars that put some time into waiting for the young male to initiate.
3. Will use such pick-up lines as "I can suck the chrome off a bumper!", or "We can go back to my place, but I took the bus. Can you drive?"
- 3.5. Can actually suck the chrome off a bumper.
4. If not sporting a femmullet, they are often rocking some mean feathered bangs or a perm.
5. On welfare, and blames their ex-husband for their current status of not having a job.
6. Was born in walking distance to the bar they're currently in.
7. Can drink a beer while having a cigarette in their mouth without effort.
8. Pants options: Man jeans, acid-washed jeans, printed leggings, or anything pleated.
9. Used to cut hair for a living.
10. Grey roots showing.
"That Pooger's voice sounds like a man's!"
"What's with that Pooger's hair cut? 1990 was over a long time ago!"
by Basque JRED September 04, 2014
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Poo-ger; Pooger-ish

A person who's associated with things that are perceived as unclean, disgusting, and inedible (i.e. poo, booger, etc.). Hence the name "poo" and "ger.
Jeremy is very poogerish when it comes to his hygiene.
by Karen Lara November 04, 2007
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Feces that clings to butt hairs, like a booger.
Typically found on dogs and peoples with poor hygiene.
An itchy butt is usually sign that you have a pooger
by the mighty kabool January 21, 2009
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When a girl cums and a white mucas booger like substance comes out, looking like a pussy booger.
After she came she played with her pooger
by jrs79 April 03, 2014
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Pooger, The homosexual version of a couger. The word 'pooger' is a hybrid of poofter and couger
-that old gay guys partner is in his twentys. he is a Pooger.
- my little brothers sons uncle is a Pooger.
by Will Blaze #Shack'D4Days September 23, 2016
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