To speak in a pretentiously dogmatic manner; to preach.
Pontificate typically has a negative connotation but can be used positively as well.

"Allow me a moment to pontificate on the merits of good hygiene during flu outbreaks" said the school nurse.
by FatMermaid January 25, 2014
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1. To have Diarrhea of the mouth.
2. Running your mouth.
3. Giving your 2 cents when it's non of your business.
4. Giving unsolicited advice and long opinions
**Rhymes with defecate.**
5. To defecate with your mouth on other people
Don't pontificate about other peoples mistakes! Your Diarrhea of the mouth gotta stop because running your mouth is gonna get you a fist sandwich
by JJ JJ man April 9, 2013
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A euphemism used for "fuck." Succeeded by the previous, "whatever."
Ow! Fuck this door! I mean, pontificate this door!
by Cricketmon August 12, 2010
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My brain is awash with theorems and profundities that i can pontificate upon at length
by Shmishy🌝 January 6, 2018
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The act of spouting off on a subject you have no information on ,or basis of fact , but firmly believe in.
Thomas was pontificating on the pain involved in child birth
by Sonorliter January 24, 2011
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The act of speaking out for the purpose of hearing onself speak.
Posturing...speaking to people that don't really care what you say one way or another since you're speaking solely to front yourself as "someone in charge".
Speech or written communication that is generally pointless except to cast favorable light upon the speaker or author as if the message were a pronouncement from on high.
Usually full of shit.
There goes that motherfucker with his pontification again.
Attaboy Message from a wannabe manager
Attaboy Message from a wannabe supervisor
Co-worker sucks up to teh boss by thanking everybody for their help when the boss should be saying the thank you.

by Joe Schitt The Rag Man April 19, 2006
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Last name that originated from Spain around 1456. Then Spanish conquistadors took the last name with them. Now popular in México around Sinaloa and Michoacán and D.F and is popular in the United States and other parts of the World.
by 6/17/11. March 6, 2014
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