A nice way of saying slut, or someone who is fairly easy to get together with.
Whoa, AJ, do you think that girl is a poncho?
by xxy March 30, 2006
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When you are having sex and you put your cock and balls completely inside the girls vagina like a poncho protecting you from the rain.
Me:"Last night I was fucking this girl and I tried to give her the Poncho!"
You:"What the fuck is a Poncho?!"
Me:"You know! When you put your cock n' balls all up in her junk ."
You:"Ohhh, gotcha... you're fucking sick..."
by Schoolboy80 October 26, 2011
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A man who looks Mexican but aint. He also has a big head and a sister who wont shut up . lives in the ghetto and thinks he is tough
Man that poncho is really crazy
by Cindie lou May 04, 2019
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Hey that stinky mexican blanket has a hole in it. Therefore, it must be a poncho, and you must be a douche.
by Bill Lambier August 19, 2007
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fuck shag do Spanish word meaning "flatten" or "pop". However, in Mexican slang, it means "fuck" or "have sex with".
1. Mira no más Enrique esa muchacha. Tiene nalgas de Zebra. Si me la poncho.
by Sound Junkie January 22, 2007
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A noob-ish Battlefield Vietnam player with delusions of granduer. A self congradulatory pip-squeak who perceives himself as knowing all but in fact knows very little. "Poncho" is derived from ancient Aztec and literally translates to: Dickhead with bigmouth. This term is usually used in a derogitory sense when refering to someone of little worth.
1. Listen to that idiot, he's such a Poncho.

2. Wake up to yourself and stop acting like a poncho.
by Australian BFV Community March 10, 2005
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girl who you would be embarassed to hook up with. for reasons such as, a stanky vag, giant bush, or she hasnt showered for 11 days.
haha look! its poncho pippi! man that vag is stanky.
by jthang May 16, 2004
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