#1 - Dude, that guy has no policy.

#2 - What's the policy here?
by Chuck Dieselmaster December 20, 2007
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A sad husk of debate. Once consisting of eloquent remarks and compelling speeches, it has turned into a glorified research session in which kids present their months of research on how pretty much anything the other side does will lead to nuclear war in a span of eight minutes. While many policy debaters boast about their ability to speak at speeds unimaginable to the average person, this may be considered a sign of denial; after all, if speaking so no one can understand you is the only element of debate you have, it's not much of debate, is it?
Tim: Hey Jim, did you see that policy round?

Jim: Yeah, what the fuck were they talking about?

Tim: All I could understand was that helping stop global warming leads to nuclear war. They were talking so quickly.

Jim: Yeah, no one wants to hear that shit.
by SchnerptyFlerp June 20, 2014
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The slang term used by a group of gay men who have yet to come out of the closet. Used as a cover to remind each other who they really are.
"Dude, that chick is really hot, you should go for it!"
"But what about policy?"
"Oh yeah, I'll pass."
by GinaLuv March 7, 2010
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(adj.) To describe something as monotonous, senseless, and pointless, something similar to policy debate
Dude, this homework we got is so policy.
by andrew.j.d.baron@gmail.com January 21, 2011
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An excuse to do what you want to do, regardless how senseless it is.
All you have to do is get a committee to approve it.
by Downstrike September 29, 2004
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A relationship between two people defined by extreme politeness, and an aversion to offense of and kind-real or perceived.
Superficial, this may or may not lead to deeper friendship.
Marc pondered on the high level of policy in his relationship with Chesterfield. They bent over backwards to be nice to each other.
by Sense December 2, 2004
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A relationship between two people. Relationship meaning marriage, boyfriend/girlfriend and so forth.
I'm about to cancel her policy and renew someone elses.

Peter has two policies open at one time.
by 3100 April 12, 2007
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