When your friend tries to enforce the rules upon you when it's for a stupid reason. The rules being broken are usually minor rules that schools or the law enforce.

David: Stop policing me!
by TKD997 September 15, 2017
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A police who searches for polices who search police police
That police police police police well I AM A POLICE!
by xX 44100 Xx March 15, 2021
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The act of telling people what they can and can't do, according to your own personal viewpoint. This mainly extends to interests, hobbies, things they enjoy. Used most often by social justice bloggers on the website Tumblr, often turning to mass hate on people whose interests do not fall within the strict guidelines of what these bloggers deem acceptable for the masses. There are blogs set up literally so people can anonymously say they enjoy these things without being attacked. I'm pretty sure totalitarian governments do exactly the same thing.
"You can't watch (insert any tv show here) because the main character is a white male and the show makes offensive jokes. You are the scum of the earth if you enjoy it."

"If you like (insert anything here) then unfollow me immediately, because you do not understand social justice and I will not be associated with you!"

"I really enjoy Family Guy, I think it makes good social comment and it makes me laugh-" "Get off Tumblr! You don't belong here, you piece of shit. Go kill yourself you sexist racist homophobic transphobic privileged fuck!"

"I'm not putting any of my interests on tumblr, there is always something "problematic" with them." "Policing social justice bloggers?" "Yeah."
by bananasplits November 27, 2013
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1)A Ridiculously Large Gang that is known for playing dirty and using the law as their excuse for their bullshit actions.

2)The Most Hated Gang
1)The Police caught me smoking bud and regulated me and used the law as their excuse for shooting me 3 times in the back even when I wasn't even resisting.

2)The Police caught me trying to help a little girl stand up and shot me twice because they thought i was raping her.
by xXAznBlastoiseXx May 16, 2009
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A person whose job it is to enforce the laws passed down by the government. As in any job, there are good and bad police officers. Often sworn at for issuing speeding tickets by the ignorant who fail to realize that more people die in automobile accidents each year than in weapon violence; usually speed is a factor. Usually thankless job, until someone finds themselves needing the police, at which point attitudes often change.
The police issued a ticket to the businessman for doing 100 in a 40 zone.
by Anonymous October 24, 2003
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