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The new Badass phrase to define a individuals awesomeness. "The Limit" is about 10 times greater then "The Shit". I will now give a explanation why the title of "The Limit" is so great! Anyone who says "my car is the shit" isn't that great because only his CAR IS THE SHIT?, that's it? only your car is the shit? that is WEAK. Anyone who has the title of "The Limit" is the MOST BADASS LOOKING,FUNNIEST MOTHER FUCKER EVER, SMARTEST,SLICKEST, GREATEST HIGH TIME BALLER EVER, AND HAS THE GREATEST CAR EVER!, NOT ONLY THAT!, also anyone who has The title of "The Limit" has an AURA OF AWESOMENESS THAT IS SO RIDICULOUSLY EPIC AND UBER THAT anyone who is in a 1 mile radius will hear of this epic individuals awesomeness. Only 1 person per city has the title of "The Limit"
Fan of The Limit: Did you hear about AznBlastoise? The Legendary Uber Beast of Orange County AznBlastoise?

Discoverer of The Limit: No one calls him that anymore, he is so epic and ridiculously beastly, that even though he is still alive, he is still known as a mythical creature of miraculous heroic tales. We just call him "The Limit" now.

Fan of The Limit: I see, so that guy is "The Limit" in Orange County. I wonder what the other Limits are like in the other cities.
by xXAznBlastoiseXx August 23, 2010
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A extremely epic title given to one person per country. Yes,Anyone who is given this title is about 10 times greater then "The Shit" Anyone who has this title is a very remarkable and magnificent Individual. They possess a aura of astonishing great awesomeness that will just overwhelm you with awe. This duplicate was created to edit AznBlastoise's small error! Yes!, even legends make mistakes.
Common Thinker: so you must be "The Limit" in Orange County!

The Limit: Yeah, everything I do or am is pretty much "The Shit" I'm all maxed out man, it doesn't get any better then this.

Common Thinker: So, I heard you wrote a book on how to understand people.

The Limit:Yeah, I just got it published 2 weeks ago! It Instantly became "The Shit" 2 days after it was published.

Common Thinker: Your kidding me.. you are fantastic.
by xXAznBlastoiseXx November 15, 2010
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1)A Ridiculously Large Gang that is known for playing dirty and using the law as their excuse for their bullshit actions.

2)The Most Hated Gang
1)The Police caught me smoking bud and regulated me and used the law as their excuse for shooting me 3 times in the back even when I wasn't even resisting.

2)The Police caught me trying to help a little girl stand up and shot me twice because they thought i was raping her.
by xXAznBlastoiseXx May 16, 2009
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