Just like her name her appearance is very sexy and unique. She is VERY beautiful also has the nicest body a guy can ask for and lady's without a doubt wish they had her NATURAL physique. She definitely makes heads turn which gives her bf another reason to keep his arm around her (other than because he wants to) Is a very funny and reserved girl, not to mention very fine. Looks serious and unapproachable most of the time. Doesn't smile much except with friends or boyfriend but when she does it lights up the room! (As long as she doesn't have braces!)Not too friendly with strangers but once acquainted is moderately friendly. Polet is very trustworthy, loyal, noble, and hardworking. Very reasonable thinks things through and almost never reacts with emotion. Clingy with her boyfriend more often than not and can rarely be a bit stubborn. Not only gets things done when she says she's going to something but does it fast and well. Never complaints, is VERY strong mentally and gets phased by almost nothing an excellent driver has a lot of potential academically, not always uses her intelligence to her full potential because she's usually distracted or just not focusing. But don't underestimate her intellect! Is a good multi tasker. Hates it when people raise their voice at her. Is a big dog loverUsually a smart mouthPolet overall is an awesome strong person and anyone who is compatible with herbis very lucky to have a person like her in their life.
Hey Eddie did u see that fine girl that just passed?
Nah man
Why not?
Ain't nobody better than my girl man, she's a Polet
by EddieGuaps April 20, 2017
It means that someone is a freak or weird
gosh you're such a polet
by jklmn October 12, 2007
Often used to describe people who are extremely racist and anti-Semitic
That guy is a polete.
by hisokaaa June 1, 2022