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She`s not only beautiful,but also very intelligent and strong. Very stubborn,she chases her goals until she gets what she wants. Although she doesn`t show it often,she is very emotional and looks for the support of her closest people all the time. All men are attracted to her.... and no wonder ! That woman is H - O - T !!
Have you met Polina ?
Yes,that woman has blown my mind away !
by bscuither July 03, 2011
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Derives from the female form of ‘Apollonian’ - Rational, ordered, self-disciplined. Contrast with Dionysian. When applied to an individual, the divine theme expands into intelligence, beauty, and serenity. These persons are withdrawn from pedestrian society, because of their unique laxist beliefs (the view that maintains that any chance of liberty, however slight, should be foliowed. — laxist, n.) and often remain independent until finding someone truly deemed deserving of both their ability to love and their fierce, worldly, wisdom. Warning: can not cook, except for pasta & butter.
“That beautiful girl is always reading books. She should really forget about studying and go out with some random guys!”

“But haven’t you heard? She’s a Polina….”
by spinnerdolphinss February 08, 2010
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Polina is one crazy hell of a mix between a smart and stupid amazing beautiful funny and sexy lady.

She can give you hard times but in the end you have to gain her trust just to put you in her friendship zone.

She might like you but it need ages and lots of effort, I am not kidding 😂.

If it happened one day and unconsciously loved you she will give you everything but if she hated you, gotta pray lots not to get hurt.

She's so sweet so cool and down to earth, she likes to be taken care of but don't ever give her the feeling that you're controlling her it will freak her out cause you might lose her forever.

Give her the space to do whatever she likes and she won't leave you alone ever.

She's so smart in things and stupid in others as mentioned above.

Honestly speaking you would love to be with such person forever.
by Egyptian King September 13, 2018
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Polina, few words to say about this name, yet so much to be said. Confusing, right? She is what looks like an average girl from Russia, probably also living in Russia, with a complex yet admirable personality. In fact words go nowhere near what can be said about Polina. With this, I am referring to her in general, in many different ways. I guess all that can be said though is that this is a girl (in most cases) with no faults at all. You will not find a single flaw in this woman, or Lady as she calls it. Apart from this, it is also important to mention that this is the most selfless, caring, loving, funny, mature... person you will ever meet. Furthermore, when we look at this individual from a more physical point of view, it would be enough to say that this girl is a model, or "this girl is on fire" as Alicia Keys once described Polina.

Please note, this girl has an obsessions for may things, especially when it comes to the food sector. She follows a strict diet of a minimum of 2 veggie pies per day.
Polina, I'm feeling down.
by urinternationalbitch99 October 22, 2018
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a long bearded midget that runs a circus
person 1: dude, did you see that polina at the circus yesterday
Person 2: I know man, he totally ran the show
by bjnbenner August 31, 2008
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