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A nonsensical exclamitory used in many cartoons, in many situations. Dextor's Lab shows "->poit<-" when Dextor teleports. Another randon cartoon showed ->poit<- when someone got slapped.
Brain: "Poit... What is poit? Do you mind telling me that?"
Pinky: "Well... it's a lot like 'Narf or Zort..."
by lordbaddkitty April 12, 2005
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"poit" was used in many cartoons in the 70's for Mad Magazine by the famed cartoonist, Don Martin.
Whenever Don Martin drew a cartoon of a woman with large breasts he would draw one of the breasts popping out of a tight dress with the sound balloon "POIT" making the noise of the breast being released from the dress.
by QmasterQ November 05, 2009
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An expression used to end a rhetorical question. First used in a popular animated
program appearing on television in the middle 1990's.
Gee Brain, isn't that what we do every night? Poit!
by Pinky November 16, 2004
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Another name for water or fluid in general. The superlube of life. Also used to replace of words in a positive context. can also be spelt poirts & ports.
OMG i have zero poits.

ewww, this is tainted poits.

of poits(course) i'm from portsmouth.

Silly wabbit, your poits is leaking everywhere

by Jon Snow April 12, 2007
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n. A very weak fart.

v. To make a very weak fart.
*On the way to S.A., TX*

Rohit: *poit*
by Michael Maughton January 01, 2008
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