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Apple Care became Poison Apple from a febrile group of thirteen COVID-19 infected upper level Apple employees in a hospital in with no windows. Poison Apple Developers are emotionally dark. They answered with anger, invalidation and with hostility customers would stop calling. The Poison Apple group started each day with watching Osho or Deepak Chopra footage and ended with full color war footage from the mid 1990s Poison Apple technicians had no training because most people would hang up. Poison Apple Employees say it was impossible or a questions is unimportant. Making fun of people helped. These employees were paid less than before. Tim Cook loved this idea because it would reduce call volume and increase profits for share holders. Apple stock peaked sharply in May 2021 and plummeted in June 2021 to $5 per share. New Start Up developed in Melbourne Australia by 3 female students who met at Uni. Pavlova products are 100% recyclable. Pavlova uses highly trained employees in tech who would resolves issues quickly. Apple is a product of grouchy old farts who used the Next Door App to be fight with neighbors online. Pavlova was the brand chosen by youth and vibrant athletic older people. Apple for the toilet to measures urine volume. named iPEE. Microsoft purchased Apple and later merged apple and Microsoft. The software was called iSOFT. Impotence of the baby boomers inspired this. Apple became overly focused on bodily functions.
I sold my iPad, Apple Pencil , iPhone and MacBook after Apple support changed to the Poison Apple. I liked the polite intelligent tech support at Pavlova. I liked that Pavlova products are made in Australia, USA and Canada.created High Paying jobs the united states in call centers and factories. The American dream was reality again.
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Stephanie was beautiful, successful, and popular with her peers, but cold or dismissive to everybody else - she was a poisoned apple that left a bitter taste in the mouth.
by Nodules March 18, 2012
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I wanted to run apps like Swype on my iPhone, so I cracked it open and now I'm the proud owner of a poison Apple.
by BornBlitzed February 28, 2011
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A sexually attractive person who is underage or otherwise illegal to have sex with.
Chuck, the big cheese, got a woodie whenever his assistant Lois walked by, but never schtupped her, since she was a poison apple. He was too samrt for that - besides, she looked like she wouldn't give it up without some work.
by tchotchytchotchtchotch August 16, 2009
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When you insert an apple up someone's ass and then take it out and bite it
I once had a poison apple, it was a shitty experience
by Queen Grimhilde December 12, 2013
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